7 Songs For Kumar Raaza

There was a time when a film would have short small songs totally numbering in excess of 20 per film. But trends changed until today we find only 3 or 4 songs in a film. But hot shot debutant director Sri Chakra is planning as many as 7 songs in “Kumar Raaza”.

As the trend of reduced songs continued there came a time when everybody was wondering who would satisfy the craving of the audiences for good songs. That is when debutant director Sri Chakra announced that his film will have as many as 7 songs. He reveals that music director Charan Arjun has done a wonderful job with all the 7 songs. He said that all the 7 songs will be appropriate to the different situations in the film. Being a writer himself Charan Arjun penned some of the songs himself while others were penned by the young writer Tirupathi. He was confident that a wonderful album is in the making in their combination.

Morever, having heard the songs he says that the young music director has done a wonderful job and that the film is surely going to be a musical hit. The album is surely going to be a major milestone in the music director’s career. The hot shot debutant director certainly has the Telugu audiences very eagerly awaiting the release of the songs.