Agnathavasi Audio Release – No Great Shakes

The audio-release function for Pawan Kalyan’s much awaited “Agnathavasi” was held in Hyderabad yesterday (19th December 2017) and was well attended by the hero’s fans. The songs released however failed to make the grade.

There were 5 songs released in all. A 6th song is due to be released as a New Year Special. These 5 songs may impress the hero’s diehard fans but the general audiences are not going to be swayed by them. Anirudh’s music in the film is only interesting in parts. Check out neticinema’s review of the songs.

“Bayatakochi Choosthe”: This was the first song to be released and perhaps the best of the songs. The tune is refreshing and the lyrics are also quite good. The audiences appeared to like this song very much.

“Swagatham Krishna”: The unit tried to repeat the “Attarintiki Daredi” formula with this song. The song has nothing new to offer. It will just remain a devotional song and nothing more.

“Daga Daga Merise” and “Gaali Valuga”: Both are melodious romantic songs. The more the audiences hear them the more they are likely to enjoy them.

“AB Evaro Nee Baby”: This song shows the hero caught between two heroines. The lyrics remind us of the lyrics from the song “Jaaruko” from the film “S/o Sathyamurthy”.

With the audio being below average, the film unit is now a very worried lot. Whether the film has the content enough to make it a success remains to be seen. If the content also fails the film, as did the songs, only divine intervention can save the film from being a box office disaster.