Akhil’s “Hello” Review And Rating

Film: “Hello”
Star Cast: Akhil Akkineni, Kalyani, Ajay, Jagapathi Babu, Ramya Krishna and others
Story, Screenplay and Direction: Vikram K Kumar
Cinematography: PS Vinod
Music: Anup Rubens
Editing: Praveen Pudi
Produced By: Akkineni Nagarjuna
Banner: Annapoorna Studios
Released On: 22nd December 2017

Hero Akhil had to face a disaster with his debut film two years ago. Not wanting to face the same with his second movie, Akhil and his father went to a lot of pains in selecting the theme and director. Let us see if their plans have succeeded.

His first film titled “Akhil” sank without a trace. The hero then lay low for two years and then the father and son duo meticulously planned his next career move. At long last they zeroed in on Vikram K Kumar and his story. Since they joined forces with a very talented director, the expectations of the movie were quite high from the beginning. The teaser and the promos of the film did well in further enhancing these expectations. The producer and the hero’s father Akkineni Nagarjuna too did mention during the promos that the film is coming up very well and that he was confident it would be a success.

Srinu is an orphan. His soul mate Junnu is a rich kid. The two are childhood friends and are deeply in love with each other. But the two are forced to separate as the heroine’s father is transferred to Delhi. As they part ways Junnu gives her phone to Srinu written on a one hundred rupee note. Srinu tries repeatedly to call her on that number but gets no response. 15 years later the two small children grow into Avinash (Akhil) and Priya (Kalyani). Even after so many years the two of them continue searching for their long lost childhood soul mate. Destiny brings them together but they fail to recognise each other and continue their search. How the two of them finally come together, how a cell phone connects them both and what is the link between them and the gang that steals mobile phones are the elements that the movie revolves around.

The story is all about how two friends part ways in their childhood and catch up with each other again after they have grown up. There have been several films in the past with a similar story line but the director Vikram K Kumar depicts it in his own inimitable style. He creates magic with a screenplay that his own mark in it completely. The episodes involving the children did appear a little over prolonged, but after they pass the film moves at a good pace. He intersperses the narration with twists and turns in the story as well as with flashback scenes keeping the attention of the audiences riveted to the screen.

At the very beginning there is a very thrilling chasing scene which has been shot excellently. The hero gets a call on his mobile. Unfortunately precisely when the call comes a thief steals the cell. That is when the hero begins chasing the culprit to recover his cell. Thereafter a flashbacks brings to the fore the two little children and the narration gets a tad slow. Almost half the first half revolves around the episodes involving the two children. The rest of the time in the first half is spent on two chase sequences which were made brilliantly. The unit’s efforts and Akhil’s hard work in these chase scenes paid off. There is a wonderful intriguing twist before the interval which makes us look forward eagerly for the second half.

In the second half, up to a point the film goes at a rapid clip. There is a small flashback, scenes between Ramya Krishna and the heroine and some songs in keeping with the situation. The songs were also shot with mind blowing visuals. However, after the “Merise Merise” song is done with, the film slows down for no reason at all. The audiences were kept thrilled until then but after that some inertia creeps into the film. The melodramatic elements in the climax reduce its impact. Despite the thrilling action scenes, technical brilliance the mark of Vikram is missing in parts.

In totality, the magic of Vikram which was so cleary visible in “Manam” and “24” was sadly found wanting in “Hello”. The director disappoints the audiences who came expecting the same magic once again. The love story did not have the desired impact on the audiences. Despite the short comings the audiences are bound to enjoy the action sequences, Akhil’s hard work and the director’s magic here and there.

Performance of the Stars:
Akhil as the hero f the film has certainly put in a lot of effort. His efforts are clearly visible in the action sequences as well as in the emotional scenes. Kalyani did a very good job as the heroine and suited the role perfectly. Ramya Krishna and Jagapathi Babu did justice to their roles. Ajay also impresses in the role of the villain. Others were just adequate.

Technical Performance:
PS Vinod provides brilliant cinematography. He displays rare brilliance in filming the action scenes. Anup Rubens gave excellent music and background score for the film. Praveen Pudi worked well with the scissors. Nagarjuna pulled out all the stops as producer in providing excellent production values. The director handled “Hello” superbly but failed in recreating the magic of “Manam”. His brilliance was limited to a few scenes only.

The Final Word:
“Hello” is certainly a good re-launch for Akhil.
“Hello” is rated: 3/5