Akhil’s Next Venture Title Fixed – ‘Rangula Raatnam’

akhil rangula raatnam

King Akkineni Nagarjuna is a busy man these days. He has been managing the careers of two sons as also his own films and businesses. While Nagachaithanya has established himself fairly well, he is yet to move into the higher league of heroes with big budget films.

His films are still only medium budget films though successful. Akhil on the other hand had severe starting trouble with his first film failing miserably at the box office. Even his second film found no directors for a long time. At long last Vikram K Kumar was signed on to wield the megaphone. Thereafter the unit had problems in finalising a heroine. Now that hurdle has also been crossed.

The latest buzz is that Akhil’s film has finally received the title “Rangula Raatnam”. The buzz is that Nagarjuna recently registered this name at the film chamber of commerce. We just have to wait for more news on the content of the film and how the title connects with it.