‘Baahubali 2’ Beats The Khans In Pakistan

'Baahubali 2' Beats The Khans In Pakistan

India’s Biggest Blockbuster magnum opus ‘Baahubali 2’ has give a huge shock to the entire world with its whopping collections which are nearing to Rs. 1500 Crores worldwide. The movie not only created records in Telugu language but also stood as a tremendous hit in Hindi, Tamil languages too. The movie is getting release in other countries and is creating storm there too. Recently the movie got released in Pakistan after getting all the obstacles getting clear.

Even the movie analysts were having doubt on the release of Baahubali 2 in Pakistan as the movie is based on Hindu mythology and religious references. But giving a shock, Pakistan Censor Board gave a huge thumbs up for Baahubali 2. The movie got released over 100 screens in Pakistan and had done a whopping business until Yesterday. Hindi version of ‘Baahubali 2’ collected over Rs. 4.50 Crore and is expected to have a sum of Rs. 6 Crore in its full run. These type of collections were earlier on the name of Khans. But ‘Baahubali 2’ beat all the records of Khans and is establishing some new records in Pakistan.