‘Baahubali The Conclusion’ Crushes Latest Bollywood Releases Also

'Baahubali The Conclusion' Crushes Latest Bollywood Releases

The unprecedented success of “Bahubali – The Conclusion” has not spared even the latest Bollywood releases. “Sarkar 3” starring the big B has had to bite the dust. “Bahubali – The Conclusion” comes into the third week run, its stranglehold continues.

Amitabh Bachan’s “Sarkar 3” and Parineethi Chopra’s “Meri Pyaari Bindu” hit the screens last week. The films opened to average collections but had to experience a severe drop of 50% on the first Monday. In stark contrast “Bahubali – The Conclusion” is showing no signs of let up. This epic just went through its third Monday with a stunning collection of Rs.7.75 crores (share) for the Hindi version in India.

However, “Sarkar 3” and “Meri Pyaari Bindu” managed a paltry Rs.75 lakhs each, for their first Monday. If one considers the fact that the Rajamouli epic is on its third Monday whereas the other two films have just seen their first Monday then the enormity of the success of “Bahubali – The Conclusion” can be comprehended.

It is expected by trade circles that the film will not show any signs of slowing down unless it collects a share of RS.1000 crores in India, all its versions taken into account.