“Baahubali The Conclusion” Review And Rating

"Baahubali The Conclusion" Review And Rating

Film: “Bahubali – The Conclusion”
Star Cast: Prabhas, Anushka, Rana Daggubati, Tamanna, Nasser, Satyaraj.
Director: SS Rajamouli
Music: MM Keeravani
Produced By: Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni
Banner: Arka Productions
Released On: 28th April 2017

India’s most awaited film has finally hit the screens. This is touted as India’s biggest film in terms of investments and returns too. The film had everyone talking about – right from the man on the streets to the Prime Minister himself. The first part was a visual spectacle and the director promised a visual extravaganza par excellence in the sequel. Let us see if the film is true to the hype that was created around it.

Bahubali (Prabhas) is crowned king of Mahishmathi. This is as per the first part in which Shivagami says that whoever proves his valour in battle will become king. After becoming king, Bahubali has to undertake a tour of the entire kingdom as per their ancient traditions. He does this to understand the people, the issues that he has to tackle as king and work out specific solutions.

In the course of his travels he meets Devasena (Anushka) the princess of Kuntala and falls deeply in love with her. She too reciprocates and the duo comes to Mahishmathi. The king returns to his capital only to find to his utter shock that the Queen Mother Shivagami (Ramyakrishna) has installed Bhallaladeva as the king in his place.

The story continues to answer the questions why this sudden change of king, why was Bahubali killed and who finally takes over the kingdom and who is the real villain.

There is no exaggeration in saying that “Bahubali – The Conclusion” is a film that puts India on the world map of cinema. The visual treat, the grandeur of the sets, the magnificence of the costumes are more of an extravaganza and spectacle than promised. The director has shown his prowess not only in the narration and the screenplay but also in the fact that he has attended to every single frame and minutest details with great care and meticulousness.

The scale of presentation is gigantic to say the least. Every frame is spectacular and oozes grandeur. The graphics are brilliant. While the technology maybe foreign the nativity of the presentation is every inch Indian. The conflict between Bahubali and Bhallaladeva are handled marvelously. The narration is at once spectacular and simple The director succeeds in transporting the viewer to a different era – one of kings and queens and palace intrigue.

Performance of the stars:
The director’s abilities come to the fore right from the selection of the star cast. Prabhas and Rana Daggubati are ideally suited for the characters that they have been given. Their performances are top class with both of them virtually living in their roles. Their electrifying screen presence is to be seen to be believed and experienced. Anushka as Devasena looks absolutely stunning. Her magnetic presence puts paid to all rumours of her having gained weight. She once again proves her talent in playing a heroine of yore.

Tamanna performs brilliantly though her presence is brief and only comes towards the end of the film. Ramyakrishna as Shivagami looks, feels and lives the part to the hilt. Satyaraj as Kattappa and Nasser as Bijjaladeva elevate the very story to a different level by their performances. One might add that nobody could have come up with a better choice of star cast.

Technical Performance:
One could write pages and pages or sing paeans about the technical brilliance that the director and his team have displayed and still fall short of describing it fully. The cinematography by KK Senthil Kumar carries the film to a completely different level. Music by Keeravani is another highlight of the film. Editing is perfect. Hats off to the art team, which made the grand sets which add to the visual extravaganza.

The director has certainly succeeded in extracting the best out of every member of the team – starting with the actors to the lowest of the technicians. The stunt choreography is like never before in Indian cinema. The weapons, costumes and sets all add not only to the grandeur of the visuals but also bring in the much required authenticity to the presentation.

The Final Word:
Rajamouli has given us a film that every Indian ought to be proud of in “Bahubali – The Conclusion”

“Bahubali – The Conclusion“ is rated: 4/5