“Babu Baga Busy” Review And Rating

"Babu Baga Busy" Review And Rating

Film: “Babu Baga Busy”
Star Cast: Avasarala Srinivas, Mishti Chakravarthy, Tejaswi Madivada, Sreemukhi, Supriya, Adarsh Balakrishna,
Director: Naveen Medaram
Music: Sunil Kashyap
Produced By: Abhishek Nama
Released On: 5th May 2017

“Babu Baga Busy” is the remake of the popular Hindi film “Hunter”. This is an adult comedy and has doses of erotic scenes that will surely attract the youth. It hit the screens with some expectations that it will match the original at the box office.

Madhav (Srinivas Avasarala) is a young man obsessed with sex and sexual experiences. He has affairs with several women until he finally encounters Radha (Mishti Chakravarthy). He falls in love with her and decides to give up his scandalous affairs and settle down to a peaceful life with her. But his past keeps catching up with him every now and then creating problems in his relationship with Radha. The story is all about how he extricates himself from these troubles to finally marry Radha and settle down.

Being an adult entertainer, the film seems to aim at the front benchers. One such scene is the one involving Supriya who plays a married woman. The episode involving her post-interval is quite good. The film is a pale copy of the original and fails to recreate the fun and comedy of the original. It fails to bring back the emotions that are conveyed in the original. Some scenes may attract the front benchers. The film features too many songs which weaken the narration.

Performance of the stars:
Except Srimukhi in a small role, none of the others in the star cast impresses. At best they are merely adequate in their respective characters. Even Srinivas Avasarala otherwise a good actor seems ill at ease in the role of a sex addict.

Technical Performance:
Neither the music nor the cinematography add value to the film. Like the performance of the stars, the technical team also lets down the film very badly. The director has failed in extracting the best of his team. He makes in creating one coherent film.

The Final Word:
“Babu Baga Busy” is just one big yawn.

“Babu Baga Busy” is rated: 1/5