‘Paisa Vasool’ Likely To Come Earlier

paisa vasool release preponed

Balayya and Puri Jagannadh seem to be working very efficiently. “Paisa Vasool” is to be released earlier than originally scheduled. Balayya is known for completing shoots very quickly and Puri for his efficiency. That is perhaps the reason for this decision.

At first “Paisa Vasool” starring Balayya and Shreya Saran in the lead was scheduled to be released on September 29th 2017. However, the unit has worked wonderfully and completed quite a lot of shooting. As a result they are likely to finish their shooting on July 22nd 2017.

Thereafter they will complete all the post-productions works during August and prepare the film for releasing during the first week of September itself. Well!! Well!! That really is some quick work by the unit.