Balayya Reacts To Nandi Awards Controversy

The biggest controversy in recent times to hit Tollywood was the one pertaining to the selection of awardees of the Nandi Awards for 2014 to 2016. Finally the Chairman of the Jury Balayya has chosen to speak out on the issue. But he really said little of note.

Balayya came under severe criticism for the way he went about selecting the winners of the prestigious Nandi Awards given away by the Andhra Pradesh Government for the years 2014 to 2016. His film “Legend” received and incredible 9 awards in different categories. For the first time even the film fraternity expressed their ire over the way films and artists were selected for awards. The criticisms were more than caustic. Finally the hero and Chairman of the Jury that selected the winners, Nandamuri Balakrishna reacted to the allegations and criticisms. He said in the past when the film “Legend” was released everybody objected to its title. But soon that storm subsided. He thanked the jury for selecting “Legend” for so many awards and conveyed his congratulations to the other winners of the awards.

The fact is that the star really replied the question without answering it. His implication that the storm about the Nandi Awards announced recently would also subside sooner or later and everything would be forgotten. The only reason why he was chosen to head the jury was that he was related to the Chief Minister. Now it remains to be seen how his detractors take to his frivolous reaction.