Bhaagamathie Teaser Review And Rating

Tollywood beauty Anushka’s latest venture “Bhagmathi” actually completed its shooting some time ago but went out of the news for some reason. Then the film’s first look suddenly appeared and stunned the heroine’s fans. Now the teaser is stunning them.

The first look poster had everybody wondering what the story could be all about. It succeeded in building a wonderful intrigue. The teaser that has just been released also further enhances the buzz and the intrigue surrounding the film. It certainly gives the indication that Anushka is going to have one more sensational blockbuster to her credit.

The teaser starts with a shot of a very eerie looking palace. Anushka enters the palace. From there-on the teaser is bound to give the audiences goose bumps. The camera takes us into the palace. It becomes clear that the palace has not been used for decades, maybe even centuries, as there are cobwebs everywhere. Anushka is shown searching for something using a torch light. Then there is a bizarre shot of the heroine nailing her palm into the wall. The teaser succeeds in giving us an eerie feeling even though no dialogues were used.

Ashok has wielded the megaphone for the film which has Unni Mukundan playing an important role. The film is being produced by UV Creations and is all set for release on January 26th 2018.