Will Nani And Akhil Step Into NTR’s Shoes?

Bigg Boss Telugu NTR Nani Akhil

Thanks to Natarudra NTR “Bigg Boss” the first reality show on Telugu television has become an immensely popular programme. As the show’s Season 1 draws to a close, the channel is making plans for Season 2 and surprising names have cropped up to host it.

“Bigg Boss” Season 1 is fast nearing its end. There are but a few days more to go before the final winner is announced bringing the show also to an end. It is learnt that the Star Channel is very keen on continuing with NTR as the host for Season 2 also. However, doubts persist on whether his other film commitments will give him enough time to host the show too. The channel is therefore preparing for the hero turning down their offer and some surprising names have come up as possible alternatives to host the show should NTR drop off.

The latest buzz has it that the channel is likely to allow common folk also to participate in the show along with some celebrities. For the host the names that are being heard around Tollywood are those of Natural Star Nani and the new chip of the old Akkineni block Akhil. The report says that both the stars will be given a chance to host the show one after the other. The ball is right now in NTR’s court.