Careless Woman Killed In Freak Accident

A naked woman paid for her carelessness with her life as she rode in a car. In what is could be dismissed as a freak accident, but in reality is not so, the lady smashed her head against a pole as she rode in a speeding car.

A horrific video has surfaced on the social media which shows how a naked woman was killed owing to her own negligence. The young lady was travelling in a car next to the driver’s seat. She stripped down to her panties, and thrust her head and naked torso out of the car window. From there she proceeded to provoke and tease the driver – probably her husband or boy friend. As she appeared to enjoy the ride with her head and torso hanging outside the car her head suddenly smashed against a pole that the speeding car passed by. Death was instantaneous. It is possible that the driver himself was distracted by the antics of the woman and failed to see the approaching pole.