Case Filed On Hyper Aadi For Overacting On TV

“Jabarthasth” comedy show on ETV is one of the most popular programs on air right now. Hyper Aadi, one of the participants, always has the audiences in splits with his punch dialogues. However, a little over-action landed him in trouble recently.

In one of the skits that he had earlier played on the show the comedian had taken a jibe on film critic and “Bigg Boss” contestant Kathi Mahesh and his big paunch and bald pate. These comments did not go well with the audiences and became a tad controversial. In a more recent skit on the same show Aadi came up with the supposed punch dialogue “When an over excited man and woman come together they give birth to orphans”. That comment has landed him in deep trouble now.  Some real life orphans complained to the Human Rights Commission that Hyper Aadi’s have hurt their sentiment. A police case too has been registered against the comedian. The complainants contended that they became orphans owing to a myriad reasons but that does not justify making cheap comments about their parents.

Kathi Mahesh who had earlier been at the butt Hyper Aadi’s punch dialogues along with some independent associations are extending their full support to the complainants. How far this issue will be dragged remains to be seen.