Casting Couch To The Fore Again – Heroine Threatens Producer

Heroine Threatens Producer

The ugly belly of the film industry has showed up once again. The casting couch and sexual harassment of women are common in the industry. One heroine however, had the courage to turn down a producer’s indecent proposals and threatened to expose him.

This lady recently did a film in which she falls in love with three boys. The film has already hit the screens and did just average but the producer did not stopped harassing the heroine. Unable to bear the producer’s constant harassment, the lady turned the tables on him by threatening to expose him and his indecent behavior to the press. The heroine had acted in several films with one hero. Reportedly she spoke to him about the producer. The hero too immediately called up the producer and asked him to let the heroine be and stop harassing her. It appears this has had the desired effect upon the indecent solicitor. He stopped harassing the heroine now.

Many women in the industry just silently grin and bear such harassment. They know that exposing the nefarious underbelly of the film industry is not going to take them anywhere. On the contrary going against it could only result in a backlash that could adversely affect their careers. But some heroines do have the guts to call the shots. Such women need to be lauded for their courage.