BCCI Says Sreesanth Cannot Play Elsewhere

The BCCI has very swiftly reacted to the sensational statements made by former cricketer Sreesanth. The controlling body claims that the banned player cannot play for any other country as he wishes. The Kerala High Court had originally revoked the life ban imposed by the BCCI and claimed that the governing body of cricket could […]

Cricketer Sreesanth – Will Play For Another Country

Disgraced cricketer S Sreesanth made some sensational announcements recently. He says that if not for India he will play for another country, but play he will. The cricketer faces a life ban by the BCCI. Cricketer Sreesanth was punished with a life ban for his alleged involvement in the spot fixing scandal that rocked the […]

Kriti Kharbanda also faced sexual harassment

Kriti Kharbanda Says #ME Too

The buzz words now in Hollywood are ‘Harvey Weinstein’ and ‘Sexual harassment’ what with that producer being openly accused by celebrities of sexually harassing them. That started the ‘#metoo’ campaign on the net with one Tollywood starlet joining it. The latest starlet to join the ‘#metoo’ campaign is none other than Kriti Kharbanda, who played […]

Haryanvi Singer Harshita Dahiya Shot Dead

Haryanvi Singer Harshita Dahiya Shot Dead

In a ghastly incident a Haryanvi singer Harshita Dahiya was shot dead at near point blank range by unknown assailants in Chamrara village of Panipat District in Haryana state. A jailed criminal’s hand is suspected. Haryanvi singer Harshitha Dahiya was returning home after a performance in the village. On 17th October 2017, at around 4pm […]

Careless Woman Killed In Freak Accident

A naked woman paid for her carelessness with her life as she rode in a car. In what is could be dismissed as a freak accident, but in reality is not so, the lady smashed her head against a pole as she rode in a speeding car. A horrific video has surfaced on the social […]

North Korea Emp Threat To Be Treated As Critical – Experts Tell US Government

In a very serious turn of events experts have advised The US House of Representatives to treat the possible North Korean EMP capability as “critical and existential”. They explained to the political leadership how the EMP device could devastate the country. Dr.William R Graham and Dr. Peter Vincent Pry are both experts attached to the […]

Selfie Out Bodhi In

The new smart phones with camera feature introduced a new market segment to the camera industry – the casual photography segment. Nokia sold more smart phones with cam than Cannon sells cameras. Nokia comes up with a new feature called Bodhi. The casual photographer segment consists of those who take photographs because they have a […]

netizens beware with samantha ruth prabhu name

Netizens Beware – Samantha Could Trap You

Netizens beware. Typing the names of some Kollywood and Tollywood stars on any search engine could lead to your entire system downloading a virus which will shut down your system. What these hackers are basically after could be your confidential information – like email id passwords, etc – which they could misuse without your knowledge. […]

Hollywood Producer Wanted Aishwarya Rai – Ex-Manager

Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is plumb in the middle of a shocking sex scandal with some top Hollywood actresses speaking against him. Former manager for Aishwarya Rao Simone Sheffield adds some shocking new inputs to the scandal. Several allegations against Hollywood producer reveal that he attempted to sexually exploit his employees. Some of the leading […]