Cricketer Sreesanth – Will Play For Another Country

Disgraced cricketer S Sreesanth made some sensational announcements recently. He says that if not for India he will play for another country, but play he will. The cricketer faces a life ban by the BCCI.

Cricketer Sreesanth was punished with a life ban for his alleged involvement in the spot fixing scandal that rocked the cricketing world from its foundation in 2013. However, a special court in Delhi had exonerated him and officially acquitted him. Based on that verdict the cricketer had approached the BCCI to lift the life ban imposed upon him, but that body had turned down his appeal. Since then he has been completely out of the cricketing scene – from all levels and forms of the game. Having failed in his attempt to convince the BCCI to revoke the ban, he approached the Kerala High Court, which revoked the life ban and chastised the BCCI for failing to acknowledge the principal of natural justice. However the BCCI is yet to relent on its decision to continue with the ban.

Now in a sensational development, the cricketer announced that if the BCCI fails to recognise the pronouncements of the various legal bodies and continues with its ban on him, he will have no choice but to play for another country. He said despite being 34 years of age he still had a lot of cricket left in him – at least 6 more years of cricket. As a man who loved cricket very much he wanted desperately to play the game. He also pointed out that the BCCI was a private body and had to bow to the diktats of the legal bodies.