Devi Sri Prasad Movie Makers Challenge To Public

Film makers will do anything to promote their films. All forms of publicity campaigns have been tried in the past. Now Devi Sri Prasad Movie Makers have come up with a novel idea. They are challenging the public with a promise of Rs.5 lakhs to the winner.

Devi Sri Prasad Movie Makers are producing a film with a very peculiar subject – necrophilia – which is sexual intercourse with or attraction towards corpses. The choice of that peculiar subject itself created a buzz around the film. Now the film makers have thrown open a challenge to the audiences. If anybody can prove that this subject was dealt with in an earlier film he or she would be given a reward of Rs.5 lakhs. That is their challenge.

Such a strange offer may not bring in audiences in hordes but there will certainly be some curious film goers who wish to check out what this film and the new concept are all about. The makers are aiming at such audiences. Their aim to raise the curiosity to a level that very avid film goers would feel compelled to see it. That will fetch decent collections for the film. This strategy worked earlier for a film. Let us see if it works for this film too.