Dil Raju Plans To Bring Hit Hero-Director Combination Together Again

dil raju planning movie with nikhil chandoo mondeti combination

Chandoo Mondeti and Nikhil had worked together for “Karthikeya” which did wonders at the box office. Thereafter the two got busy with other projects but could not join up again. Now, ace producer Dil Raju is to bring them together again.

Both Chandoo Mondeti and Nikhil wanted to make a sequel to “Karthikeya” but that project did not work out. It is learnt that Dil Raju has signed the duo on for a new film. There is no news on what this film is going to be. It is possible that the story and script have been finalised.

Reportedly the producer is only waiting for the two of them to complete the assignments they have on hand before they come together under his banner. Whether it is going to be their dream sequel to “Karthikeya” or an entirely different film is not immediately known.