Drug Scandal – Puri Jagannadh On The Boil – Reveals More Names

Drug Scandal - Puri Jagannadh On The Boil - Reveals More Names

One of the celebrity names that surfaced during the on-going investigation into the drug scandal involving Tollywood celebrities was that of director Puri Jagannadh. An enraged Puri interacting with the press dared them to reveal other names as well.

The actor was quite livid with rage at the revelations and the scandal blowing up on his face. He was faced with the media recently and was immediately asked very inconvenient questions. He replied that if he receives a notice he will surely answer it appropriately. He burst out questioning the media as to why only 8 names came out when notices to 15 film personalities were supposed to have been sent out. In a terrible rage he asked the press if they have the courage to print names of more celebrities. He is himself willing to name more names if the press had the guts to print them. Not to be outdone those members of the press retorted that they would certainly print details if he could reveal any names hitherto kept under wraps. The names that he revealed thereafter make for shocking reading. The director revealed that Manchu Manoj (son of Manchu Mohan Babu), Daggubati Abhiram (younger son of Daggubati Suresh) and Bobby (Allu Aravind’s elder son) have also received notices along with others whose names were already publicised.

He then went on to add that it was true that he had consumed drugs in the past but that was because he was facing very severe financial problems. Having earned hundreds of crores of rupees, he lost it all and was virtually on the streets. It was then that he consumed drugs. But that did not harm anybody. He said that it was not fair that the press vilifies a few and lets others go scot free when so many were involved in the scandal. The names he revealed are bound to cause further consternation and send shock waves through Tollywood as they only reveal how the vice has spread to even the most respected families. However, there is no official confirmation of this news.