Dubai Government Shocks Saaho Team

Prabhas’ upcoming action blockbuster “Sahoo” is among the most awaited films from Tollywood. The trilingual has been planned on a massive budget. One major action sequence was to be shot in Dubai, but the government there gave the team a rude shock.

The “Sahoo” team had announced some great news with much enthusiasm and gusto. They had planned a very extensive shooting schedule of 75 days in Dubai for a very critical action sequence. This sequence alone was expected to cost around Rs.35 to Rs.40 crores. The unit had even hired top Hollywood technicians for the shoot. They had planned to shoot this sequence first since it was a very critical scene in the film itself. The schedule was to start from the second week of December 2017.

The team had made all the plans for departure when the Dubai government withheld permission for the shoot. The team had only applied for permission but had not received any official acceptance from the Government there. The team took great pains to explain to the government that their shooting schedule is not going to disturb the general public. However, it appears all their pleas only fell on deaf ears. The government is yet to clear their application for permission. They left one team behind in Dubai to look into this task and returned.

Another schedule is due to start in January 2018. The team will complete that. If by that time due permissions are received from the Dubai government they will immediately leave for Dubai. Failing that, they will continue with the other portions of the film.