‘Fidaa’ 18 Days Collections – Buyers Double Profits


Sekhar Kammula’s latest venture “Fidaa” starring Varun Tej and Sai Pallavi is stunning the trade and the industry with its performance at the box office. After 18 days the film is still running as energetically as it did at the start.

“Fidaa” is the surprise package of this season. The trade and industry had at first dismissed it off as a small budget film which will probably reach breakeven in a week and then wind up a week later. But they could not have been further from the truth. The film has reached its 18th day run and is showing no signs of abatement. Amazingly the film is still collecting a crore per day even on week days in just the two Telugu states put together. The film reached it breakeven within the first week and thereafter has given back the buyers twice their original investment.

According to trade circles the film has collected a share of Rs.29.27 crores in 18 days in the two Telugu states. The theatrical rights of the film for various territories in these two states were sold for Rs.14 crores, which means the buyers, not only recovered their investments but also earned a profit equal to their investments. “Fidaa” has proved to be a goldmine for its producer Dil Raju. The ace producer made the film on a budget of Rs.15 crores and sold the theatrical rights for Rs.18 crores worldwide. At that stage itself he made a clean profit of Rs.3 crores on his investment.

Besides, he even retained the distribution rights for Nizam territory where the film fetched a total of Rs.14.30 crores. Moreover, the satellite rights of the film have not been sold out as yet. Trade analysts say that the producer is likely to make a cool profit of Rs.20 to 22 crores on the film. Check out how much the film collected in different territories in the two Telugu states.

18 days collections in AP & TS (Shares): (Rs in crores)
Nizam: 14.30
Ceded: 3.29
Vizag: 3.52
East Godavari: 1.95
West Godavari: 1.43
Krishna: 1.84
Guntur: 2.12
Nellore: 0.82
Total AP + Nizam = Rs.29.27 crores (Shares)