‘Gautam Nanda’ Review And Rating

'Gautam Nanda' Review And Rating

Film: “Gautam Nanda”
Star Cast: Gopichand, Hansika, Catherine and others
Director: Sampath Nandi
Cinematography: Sounder Rajan
Music: SS Thaman
Produced By: Bhagwan and Pulla Rao
Released On: 28th July 2017

Gopichand, who earned the macho man image in Tollywood, hit a bad patch and has not seen any worthwhile success in quite some time now. After his film “Laukyam” succeeded at the box office he failed to achieve similar success in subsequent films. Now finally his film “Gautam Nanda” hit the big screens today. This film is directed by Sampath Nandi and right from the outset it had the trade and audiences quite interested in it. Right from the posters to the trailer, every promo of the film only further upped the hype and the audiences’ expectations of it. Whether the trade and audiences are satisfied or not remains to be seen.

Ghattamaneni Krishnamurthy is one of the top Forbes billionaires in the world. His son Gautam (Gopichand) leads a carefree and happy life frequenting pubs and parties. With the money that his father earns the son leads a very expensive and high flown life. However, something happens which forces the hero to think of developing an identity of his own. In his attempts to do so he comes across Nandu (Gopichand in double role). Nandu is from a very poor family and is trying to get rich somehow. The two meet and decide to swap places. What issues and problems the two face after swapping places; are they happy in their altered circumstances; these are the issues that the rest of the story deals with.

The plot of the film is not a new one. There have been films where the hero finds a look alike. However, the director gives the plot a very stylish and rich presentation and adds a couple of twists and turns in the plot which is bound to thrill the audiences.

The first half deals with introducing the two titular protagonists in the story, their lives, some comedy tracks and the love tracks between hero and heroine. There is a thrilling episode just before the interval. While the second half begins very well, but soon the narration degenerates into ennui right until the pre-climax scene. Thereafter the narration becomes lively. The climax is excellent. The director manages to make the climax very novel thereby strengthening the film itself. In totality the director manages to produce a work that is not run-off-the-mill.

The minus points are that the story itself is nothing new. The romantic sequences are not very interesting despite having two heroes and heroines. Some of the scenes appear as mere appendages to lengthen the proceedings. At times the scenes introduce a distinct dullness and ennui into the narration. When making films based on old and tested stories, it becomes necessary to introduce some thrilling elements which make the film stand out. However, Sampath Nandi made no such attempts to look different. He could introduce some novelty only in the climax and not into the scenes leading up to it.

Performance of the Stars:
The hero Gopichand is the major highlight of the film. The hero displays a never before seen very stylish side of himself. He clearly shows a variation in both characters that he plays – Gautam as the rich happy go lucky youngster and Nandu as the poor boy from a ghetto. His performance in both the completely antithetical characters is brilliant. He shows his real strength as an actor in the second half. In short Gopichand carries the entire film on his shoulders and this film is bound to give him a special image. The heroines’ characters were not so prominent in the film. Both Hansika and Catherine appear very glamorous and beautiful. The other stars in the cast do justice to their respective roles.

Technical Performance:
Sounder Rajan’s cinematography is excellent. He imbues each frame with a special richness thus offering us a good visual experience. Thaman’s music is only good in two songs. The other songs are nothing to write home about but he does provide an excellent background score. The editor has done a fairly good job. That the producers did not indulge in any penny-pinching is evident from the production values. The director has done a fair job of presenting an old story in a new form. He handled the first half, pre-climax and the climax scenes very well.

The Final Word:
“Gautam Nanda” is routine fare in stylish format.
“Gautam Nanda” is rated 2.75 / 5