“Gra. Bandham Regad” Review And Rating

Sahithi Motkuri proves that if a person has talent he can prove it whatever be the platform he chooses. The youth found the recently released trailer of “Gra Bandham Regad” by Sahithi very exciting. Now the entire film has hit You Tube.

What really are outstanding about the film are its excellent screenplay, superb music and exemplary taking. There is no doubt that the audiences are going to find the film a very wonderful viewing experience. Particularly those who like concept-based films will find the film thrilling to watch. The film is a flawless technical masterpiece. The hero and heroine performed brilliantly both in the village scenes as well as in the city scenes. The words hear in city life, we find in village life too which is quite mind blowing. The screenplay keeps the audiences guessing as to what is going to happen next. The audience will find it difficult to wait till the end to find out what really happens finally.

The director chose to highlight a very strange medical case as the theme of the film. He succeeded in giving the whole proceedings a very convincing conclusion. Yuvachandra and Priyanka Sharma play the lead pair in the film. Don’t miss it.

The last word: “Gra. Bandham Regad” is a must watch film
Rating: “Gra. Bandham Regad” is rated 4/5