Guru Telugu Movie Review And Rating

Guru Telugu Movie Review And Rating

Guru Telugu Movie Review And Rating

  • Film: “Guru”
  • Star Cast: Venkatesh, Rithika Singh, Nasser, Thanikella Bharani and others
  • Story & Direction: Sudha Kongara
  • Producer: S Srikanth
  • Music: Santosh Narayanan
  • Cinematography: Sakthivel
  • Banner: Y Not Studios
  • Release Date: 31st March 2017

“Guru” is Victory Venkatesh’s latest venture. It is a remake of the quite successful Bollywood film “Sala Khadoos”. The original and the Telugu version were both directed by the same person. Also Rithika Singh essays the same character in both versions. Right from the beginning the trade and the audiences had great expectations of the film. The first look poster, recently released audio and trailer have all added to the expectations and the hype around the film. Let us see if the film meets those expectations. Let us see if Victory Venkatesh manages to impress the Telugu audiences as Madhavan impressed the Hindi audiences in the original.

Aadi (Venkatesh) loves boxing more than anything else in life. He is dedicated to winning laurels for India in the sport. However, the politics in the sports body prove to be an insurmountable obstacle as a result of which he fails to achieve his ambition. He turns coach but continues to encounter the same obstacle. The academy shunts him off to Vishakhapatnam to coach the ladies’ boxing team – considered to be a very insignificant assignment. Aadi takes the assignment seriously but his efforts do not fructify.

One day he encounters Ramulu a vegetable vendor and bread winner of her poor family. He observes that she is very gutsy and determined and sees a good boxer in her who can shine well if coached properly. He approaches her and offers to teach her boxing. To wean her away from selling vegetables he even offers to pay her well. Ramulu finds the offer of payment attractive and agrees to join him as his student. Once she joins him as his student Aadi gets very tough with her and keeps bashing her up. At the slightest of mistakes he vents his ire on her by hitting her with anything that he can lay his hands on. This angers Rithika who begins to deliberately lose matches just to teach her Guru a lesson. How the coach brings her around and makes a champion out of her, and what problems the duo encounters forms the story of the film.

Normally it is very difficult to re-make a film, because it is very difficult to recreate the emotions and the nativity of the original in a changed milieu. However, the director took immense care to make this transition easy without losing the punch of the emotions from the original.

The entire film revolves around the boxing theme. There is no mix up of tracks anywhere. The director stays completely focused on the subject at hand. That is the plus point of the film. The first half focuses entirely on how Aadi is extremely disappointed and angry with the politics in the academy interfering with the game. It depicts how he reaches Vishakhapatnam and meets Ramulu the vegetable vendor and also his attempts to bring her around to taking to boxing. His attempts at convincing her are very interesting and finally the deal is clinched with the offer of money. Thereafter starts the real story of the film. While Aadi is very serious about boxing, Ramulu is always very silly when it comes to boxing and is focused only on the money. That leads to constant conflict between the two of them. The scene before the interval is really very good.

The conflict between the two continues into the second half. He dedicates himself to making her a good boxer, but the girl refuses to share or even understand his burning desire to make a champ out of her. The second half focuses on how the “Guru” finally wins over his reluctant disciple and succeeds in his ambition. The climax is stunning and is bound to give goose bumps to the viewers. The audience gets totally emotionally involved with and inspired by the proceedings on screen. In totality, one observes that while the beginning is a bit boring, as the film progresses it gets more and more interesting and gripping. The interval bang and the flag scenes are wonderful. Some scenes were straight lifts from the original Hindi version. Those who saw the original may not find the Telugu version as interesting as the original but those who have not will find “Guru” excellent.

Performance of the Cast:
Venkatesh is scene in a never-before avatar and has given his best. He fits into the character of Aadi perfectly. He mesmerizes the audiences with his performances in the emotional scenes. Rithika Singh’s character matches the heroes at every step. Similarly, Rithika Singh’s stunning performance is an ideal foil for Venkatesh’s totally committed acting. The duo performed so well that one finally gets the impression that they were the only ones capable of doing justice to the roles. The other stars acting in other important roles – Nasser, Thanikella Bharani and Raghubabu performed well. Others in the cast were okay.

Technical Performance:
Shaktivel’s cinematography and Santosh Narayanan’s music are very good. The solo by Venkatesh is very good. The background score is even better. One cannot complain about art and production values. The biggest achievement of the director is that she never allowed the theme to stray and she recreated the emotions of the original verbatim. She ensured that the entire film never deviates from the central theme at any point.

The Final Word:
“Guru” and disciple make for excellent viewing

“Guru” is rated 3/5.

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Guru Telugu Movie Review And Rating
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