Haryanvi Singer Harshita Dahiya Shot Dead

Haryanvi Singer Harshita Dahiya Shot Dead

In a ghastly incident a Haryanvi singer Harshita Dahiya was shot dead at near point blank range by unknown assailants in Chamrara village of Panipat District in Haryana state. A jailed criminal’s hand is suspected.

Haryanvi singer Harshitha Dahiya was returning home after a performance in the village. On 17th October 2017, at around 4pm her car was forced to stop by another black car which overtook her as she neared her village. Some unknown persons got off the black car and approached her. They forced her assistants and the driver out of her car and aimed at her and fired seven rounds, 6 of which hit her forehead killing her on the spot.

The lady was earlier involved in a tussle with her brother in law, Dinesh, a gangster currently lodged in Tihar jail. The man had been accused of killing the singer’s mother and the singer herself was a key witness in that case. At some point in the past, the singer was known to have accused her brother in law of even raping her. The police suspect that Dinesh got rid of her just to ensure that she does not testify against him in the murder case.