Hero’s Deceased Brother Split The Beans

Hero's Deceased Brother Split The Beans

The drug scandal that hit Tollywood has made victims of even the highest and mightiest. Amidst all this chaos and confusion it has come to light that the brother of a hero who died recently was inadvertently responsible for blowing the lid off the scandal.

Hero Ravi Teja’s brother Bharath recently breathed his last in a tragic road accident. Investigating the case at that time, the police had seized the dead man’s cell phone. That’s what spilt the beans out. It is learnt that Bharath was a member in a ‘whatsapp’ group. When the police dug deep into that group and its members they found that group included the names of the drug peddlers and some of their high profile celebrity clientele as well. That is what got the authorities cracking on the Tollywood nexus of the drug mafia. A little probing and all the skeletons in the Tollywood cupboard came tumbling out for all to see. Who said “Dead men tell no tales”.