Hero Vishal Sensational Decisions As Chief Of Producer’s Council

Kollywood hero Vishal was recently elected to head the Tamil Nadu Film Producers Council. Ever since taking over as the Treasurer of the association he has taken sensational decisions in running a film. Read on to learn what he has done.

At first he decided that for every ticket sold in Tamil Nadu for any film, just Re.1/- would be set aside, from tickets sold on specific days, to be handed over to poor farmers. This will fetch several crores. However, the producers opposed the move since some films result in losses already. Making a contribution to farmers will only result in further losses. Next he advised critics not to publish any reviews of a movie until the film runs at least three days. A lot of weightage is given to such reviews by the general public. A bad review can adversely affect the film’s finances. Now he has taken yet another sensational decision.

He has advised producers not to hand over songs, trailers, clippings, dialogues or any part of their films to television channels without charging them for it. He informed all the producer members of the association that this decision was taken only to benefit the producers. The sale of songs, trailers, scenes, clippings etc to any Television channel can be a source of income for the producers of feature films. He contends that since the Television channels are using these clippings and songs to earn money, it is only fair that the producers of the film should also get a part of that revenue.