Heroines pregnant before marriage

Heroines pregnant before marriage

Film Industry gives opportunity to women a different life along with fame and name with growing opportunities. Many women follow traditional life in spite of situations in their career but few women crossed the traditional rules and enjoyed western culture to move on easy and luxurious life in film industry. In this western culture they are totally independent and need not be under family restrictions therefore they can live as they want. In this culture Dating and Living Together are new trend. It means couples can meet for a cup of coffee and then have friendship to enter into a relation by living together without marriage concept.

This living together trend has picked up a lot because in this relation there is no limits to each partner. One cannot put restrictions on other. Each one can spend with other interest party as long as they are interested. If not happy then simply end the relation. This culture is habituated and followed by many film industry artists. In the process few heroines experienced pregnancy. To name, you can recollect Sri Devi, Nargis, Rani Mukharjee, Sarika, Konkan Sen Sharma, Veena Mallik like many more.

Because this route and culture many actresses career ended abruptly and face criticism for their blunders. Because of self-respect and social life to be managed, these heroines after pregnancy opted to marry same person, few still continue living relationship without marriage.