I Am Not A Good Girl Says Lavanya Tripathi

I Am Not A Good Girl Says Lavanya Tripathi

She is known to play only very conservative roles, where her character comes from a very traditional family. She is always seen wearing only very traditional clothes. However, “I am not a good girl” she said. That was Lavanya Tripathi in an interview.

All her roles were the girl-next-door kind of roles only. Though she looked stunning in many of the films, there were no spicy shots of hers in any film. She would never wear those teeny-weeny itsy-bitsy clothes, figure hugging costumes. In fact one could easily mistake her for a girl who plays sister roles in films. In an interview given recently, the lady was asked if she would be doing more daring roles in future. Her reply really stunned everyone out of their wits. She said that she is fond of wearing short clothes and would indulge in her fancy when not shooting for a film. In all the roles she did so far the directors showed her as a very traditional girl in traditional costume.

But she said that she is more than willing to wear sexy short clothes and indulge in some skin show. She said that though she was getting different kinds of characters, directors would always dress her in conservative clothes. Let us see if in her next film Lavanya Tripathi is given the chance to sizzle on screen.