Incredible Expectations Of Agnyathavasi – 100 Cr A Week

It is normal for the trade to nurture high expectations of a film of any top hero. But the trade’s expectations from Pawan Kalyan’s next film “Agnathavasi” are leaving everybody gaping in amazement, despite the hero’s recent failures at the box office.

The fans of the Power Star are very eagerly awaiting the release of the film ignoring the fact that his earlier films were flops. In each and every territory the buzz surrounding the film has reached incredible levels. Trade pundits opine that the reasons behind the tremendous buzz is the fact that Trivikram and Pawan Kalyan have come together for the third time with their earlier two ventures “Jalsa” and “Attarintikidaredi” being super duper blockbusters. That is why the film did incredible pre-release business not only in the Telugu states but also in the overseas markets as well. That is why the unit is planning a massive release for the film. In the United States of America alone the film will be released in a record number of cinemas simultaneously. In the Telugu states trade analysts say that 95% of the cinemas are likely to show only “Agnathavasi”.

Keeping in mind the incredible buzz around the film and the astounding number of cinemas in which it is going to be released, trade pundits predict that on the very first day “Agnathavasi” will easily collect a gross of Rs.25 crores. During the first week it will have no problem in reaching a total Gross of Rs.100 crores. If anything, trade reports say that the first week might go than the predicted figure. The fact that it is being released during the Sankranti festival holiday season is going to be another major factor working to the film’s advantage.

Trivikram is a past master in captivating audiences with his family dramas. He succeeded in bringing in a share of Rs.50 crores with a second rung hero like Nitin with “A..Aa”. In “Agnathavasi” his own star power is going to be more than complemented with Pawan Kalyan’s star power. We just need to wait till Sankranthi to see if Pawan goes beyond trade expectations or not.