Kajal Agarwal Admits She Compromised For Roles

Kajal Agarwal Admits She Compromised For Roles

She was the reigning queen of both Tollywood and Kollywood. She has played heroine to the top most of heroes in both languages. Recently Kajal Agarwal boldly admitted that she had to make compromises in the beginning to gain opportunities.

The casting couch is a well known phenomenon in the film industry world over. There is no lady who can escape the casting couch and make it big in films. Especially in the early part of their careers women are exploited very severely. When an interviewer asked her point blank if she ever faced the casting couch Kajal said that she did not face the casting couch problem but had to compromise on exposing and skin show in the beginning of her career.

She said that exposing and skin show is inevitable for heroines wishing to make a mark in the industry. She too did that in the initial days of her career to get ahead. But soon she realized that over exposing is going to be detrimental to her career so she stopped. She then became choosy in her roles and made sure that she does roles where there is no scope for exposing.