“Katamarayudu” Global Final Collections

"Katamarayudu" Global Final Collections

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s much hyped film, one whose trailer received greater response on the social media than the feature film did at the box office has finally closed shop. The collections globally fell far short of the pre-release business done.

The theatrical rights in the Indian markets were sold for around Rs72.50 crores. As against that in the Indian markets the film recovered only Rs.62.15Crores leaving a total loss of Rs.10 crores for all distributors put together. In the overseas market the film lost more than half the investment made. The total losses in the overseas market amounted to Rs.6.5 crores. Check out the area-wise collections that the film obtained worldwide.

“Katamarayadu” worldwide final collections (Shares): (Rs in crores)
Nizam: 15.40
Ceded: 8.26
North Andhra: 6.26
East Godavari: 5.35
West Godavari: 4.22
Krishna: 3.69
Guntur: 4.97
Nellore: 2.10
Total AP + Nizam = Rs.50.25 crores
Karnataka, TN and Rest of India: 6.55
Overseas: 5.35
Total Worldwide final share collections: Rs.62.15 crores