Katamarayudu Movie Review and Rating 3/5

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Katamarayudu Movie Review and Rating

  • Film: Katamarayadu
  • Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Shruthi Hassan, Ali, Shiva Balaji and others
  • Direction: Dolly
  • Producer: Sharath Marar
  • Cinematography: Prasad Murella
  • Editing: Gautam Raj
  • Music: Anup Rubens
  • Banner: North Star Entertainment
  • Release Date: 24th March 2017
  • Rating : 3/5

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s latest offering “Katamarayadu” is hitting the screens tomorrow. Right from the time it was announced the film has had steadily built up the expectations of the industry, trade, Pawan’s fans and the general audiences. Despite his box office disaster “Sardar Gabbar Singh”, the hero’s latest venture went for astounding pre-release prices which fetched more than Rs.100 crores with all territories put together. It is a remake of the immensely successful Kollywood film “Veeram”. Let us see if the film matches the expectations from it.


Katamarayadu (Pawan Kalyan) lives in a village with his four brothers. He is so fond of them that he remains a bachelor for their sake. He never ever scolds or berates them even when they do wrong. Whenever the brothers get into trouble with the law, their lawyer friend Ali extricates them. As a bachelor Katamarayadu always stays far away from girls and exhorts his brothers also to follow his example. Unknown to him each of his brothers is already neck deep in an affair with a girl. Knowing that they cannot convince their eldest brother directly to accept their affairs, they hatch a plot.

As per the plot they bring the heroine Shruthi Hassan into the picture. She does all that she could to win Katamarayadu’s love breaking his virtual vow of celibacy. Initially the hero ignores her but slowly comes around and falls in love with her. One day KAtamarayadu and his brothers go to the heroine’s village to convey his love for her. But upon reaching the village they learn shocking things about the heroine’s family. They learn that the family is in deep trouble. The rest of the story is all about how Katamarayadu pulls the family out of trouble to win his lady love.


The film being the remake of a Tamil blockbuster, the director brought in a lot of changes to suit Pawan’s image and the need to imbue proper Telugu nativity into the story. Director Dolly did an excellent job of it, making sure that there are no needless scenes and at the same time adding all the elements that mass audiences will expect from a Pawan film.

The first half deals entirely with Katamarayadu and his brothers as also with the romance between him and Shruthi Hassan. The comedy scenes that Ali brings in do succeed in raising a laugh. The conflict between hero and villain is shown very powerfully. The twist at the interval is really stunning. The second half deals with how Katamarayadu visits the heroine’s village and understands her family’s problems and how he goes about solving them. The action sequences in the second half are bound to be a treat to the mass audiences. The outstanding train fight scene deserves special mention. The climax is a mix of heavy action sequences and family sentiments.

In totality the film incorporates all the commercial elements that a regular cine-goer expects. Action sequences, romantic track between hero and heroine, comedy, sentiments are all available in proper measure. The songs also make for a pleasant experience. While there are no serious faults to talk about there are a few scenes which seem to go overboard and routine. The film is definitely value for money.

The performance of the stars:

Pawan Kalyan looks very more regal in this film than he did in his earlier films. He acted brilliantly as Katamarayadu. His fights and dances were amazing and so was his acting in emotional scenes. He virtually carries the entire film on his shoulders. Shruthi Hassan looks very beautiful and does justice to her character. The four actors who played Katamarayadu’s brothers were good choices for the roles. Others were adequate.

Technical Performance:

Excellent cinematography by Prasad Murella elevates the entire film. Anup Rubens’ music is very good. The background score is wonderful. Gautam Raj’s editing is excellent. The producer Sharat Marar did not compromise on production values. Director Dolly proves his talent once again. He succeeded in handling the remake wonderfully without at any aspect being out of place from the local nativity. He manages to extract the best from each of his team members.

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Katamarayudu Movie Review and Rating
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