Keshava Movie Review And Rating

Keshava Movie Review And Rating

Film: “Keshava”
Star Cast: Nikhil, Ritu varma, Isha Koppikar, Vennela Kishore, Rao Ramesh, Priyadarshi, Brahmaji, Raja Ravindra and others
Director: Sudheer Verma
Cinematography: Diwakar Mani
Music: Sunny MR
Produced By: Abhishek Nama
Banner: Abhishek Pictures
Released On: 19th May 2017

Sudheer Verma and Nikhil had combined forces earlier to give us the very lively entertainer “Swamy Ra Ra”. Since the duo is coming together again they are bound to evoke great expectations from their latest venture. Let us see if the duo keep up with these expectations or belie them.

Keshava (Nikhil Sidharth), his parents and sister are involved in a car accident when he and his sister were still children. He grows up to become a Law College student and also a Dextocardiac. He learns that there may have been mischief behind the accident and sets about hunting down those who caused it. He finds that they are all police officers and starts to kill each one of them in very cold premeditated manner. He is aided and abetted in his crime by Satyabhama (Ritu Verma). Driven to despair and with no clue on who is committing the murders, the police appoint a Special Officer (Isha Koppikar) to investigate the murders. The whole story is how the police hunt the killer and how he manages to hoodwink them and have his revenge.

Nikhil Sidharth lives up to his reputation of giving the audiences something different in each film. The magic that the duo of Nikhil and Sudheer Verma created with their first film together comes to the fore once again in “Keshava”. The first half is quite engaging and taut while the second half does meander a little. The film’s time duration of just one hour and fifty minutes actually works to its advantage and helps in keeping the narration sticking to the story. The story is a very simple one but the director presents it in stylish and gripping fashion.

Performance of the Stars:
Nikhil is absolutely brilliant in the role of the avenging murderer. His medical condition forces him not to get excited even at the time of actually committing a murder and he does that to perfection. He carries the whole film on his shoulders entirely. He really has matured as an actor displaying emotions that he did not hitherto have the chance to. Vennela Kishore is at his best in the comic role given to him. Ritu Verma and Isha Koppikar acquit themselves admirably – the former as the heroine abetting the hero and the latter as a cop trying to apprehend him.

Technical Performance:
Sudheer Verma’s narration is very taut and stylish. He maintains the tension of the story right to the end. The gripping narration is maintained right through. He does not digress from the main theme or narration at any time. His narration is devoid of needless romantic or comic interludes. The way he presents the twists in the tale is really good. The story is very simple but the screenplay and narration elevate the proceedings. The point about the hero being a patient of Dextrocardia which was presented in the film’s trailer was not properly utilised in the narration. Diwakar Mani, the lensman, presents very super visuals which are a major highlight of the film. He has used drones to very telling effect. Sunny MR’s music is nothing much to write home about. Abhishek Pictures did not tighten their belt when it came to production values.

The Final Word:
“Keshava” is a simple crime story narrated very well with good performances.

Rating: 3/5