WHY “KHAIDI No 150”?

WHY “KHAIDI No 150”?

When a phenomenon like Chiranjeevi wishes to make his come-back into films one of the toughest tasks that the makers of the film would face is selecting a story for the film. The story should capitalise on the mass image and craze that the star still enjoys among his myriad fans. The story should be in keeping with the image that he has and also help in strengthening his re-entry.

Speaking at the pre-release event of “Khaidi No 150” the Mega Star himself revealed that several stories and scripts were considered. While many of these stories were really good they were all just like a wonderful meal with something missing. That missing something could make the big difference. Then he revealed that they saw the Tamil blockbuster “Kathi” starring Vijay as the protagonist with Murugadoss wielding the megaphone. Then they immediately realised that this would make the perfect vehicle for a re-entry.

He explained that “Kathi” had all the elements that a Chiranjeevi film is expected to have in enough proportions to appeal to the masses of his fans. The story had enough action scenes, dances which are always a highlight of his films, comedy, romance and emotional content. This apart it also had a social message – the protagonist in the film is a champion of the farmers waging a battle against powerful corporate forces that seek to exploit the marginalised farmers.
That is why that story was selected.