‘Khaidi’ Or ‘Satakarni’.. Which To Choose First?

'Khaidi' Or 'Satakarni'.. Which To Choose First

It is not for nothing that India makes the largest number of films in the world. Among Indian films the maximum films are made in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. Such is the craze for movies among people who speak these languages. In both Tollywood and Kollywood releasing a film during Sankranti has been an age-old tradition followed to this day. This year 2017 is no different. However what makes this year unique is that two very huge films are being released on the eve of the festival – “Khaidi No 150” and “Gautamiputra Satakarni”.

Read In Telugu: ఫస్ట్.. ఏ సినిమా మీ ఛాయిస్

The two films are not merely films. They are going to be phenomena owing to the importance of these films in the careers of the respective heroes. This puts the avid regular film goer in a spot. He is left wondering which film to see first. That is the million dollar question being asked among film goers now.

Let’s leave the poor man to ponder over this million dollar question.