Kidnap Victim Bhavana Makes Sensational Revelation – A Woman Had A Hand In It

Kidnap Victim Bhavana Makes Sensational Revelation

The kidnap and sexual harassment case of Malayali film star Bhavana caused a sensation all over the country. It became the most talked about issue all over Indian film industry. Now the lady has come up with another sensational revelation.

The police have arrested all the culprits involved in the case including Pulsar Suni who is the most important of them. Speaking to a Malayalam magazine recently she revealed that during as the kidnap was in progress, Pulsar Suni was constantly in touch with somebody on the phone. He seemed to be acting according to instructions given to him on the phone. She also revealed that the person that Pulsar Suni was talking to was certainly a woman.

This is a new angle that the police are yet to investigate according to local press. It is noteworthy that it is rumored that some big wigs in the film industry also have a hand in the sordid drama but their names are being hushed up. The victim Bhavana however is very determined to bring the culprits to book.