Killing You Is A Certainty Warns Nag

RGV has lost his touch. That is the buzz in Tollywood and Bollywood now. That is why everybody was shocked when Nagarjuna agreed to do a film with him. But with one dialogue the hero-director duo made everybody sit up in amazement.

When Nagarjuna’s film under the direction of RGV was announced everybody thought that this is only going to be another addition to the long list of flops that the director has been dishing out of late. They even went to the extent of saying that the film is more than likely to dent Nagarjuna’s popularity and image to a degree. Despite all these ominous predictions Nagarjuna persisted with his choice and finally shooting began in the Annapoorna Studios. That is when the magic happened. There is a powerful punch dialogue by the hero, which has forced everybody to sit up and take a re-look at their prediction of disaster for the film. The hero says “Whether you answer my question or not, my killing you is a certainty. The faster you answer me the quicker you will die and with as less pain… choose”. That shot was the first shot taken by the director. That dialogue sent goose bumps over everybody present. It gives a clear idea of the character of the hero in the film. The shooting for the film was launched with much fan fare in Annapoorna Studios and the director got the hero to mouth that dialogue for the opening shot. It has been sometime since we heard such a powerful and ominous dialogue from a hero.

With just one dialogue the director was able to make a deep impact. Imagine what the other dialogues in the film are likely to do!!. It appears the director is determined to make a really powerful film this time.