“Kittu Unnadu Jagratha” Movie Review-Rating

Kittu Unnadu Jagratha review and rating

Film: Kittu Unnadu Jagratha
Star Cast: Raj Tarun, Anu Emannuelle, Nagababu, Arbaaz Khan, Prudhviraj, Rao Ramesh and others
Director: Vamsi Krishna
Producer: Ramabrahmam Sunkara
Music: Anup Rubens
Cinematography: B Rajasekhar
Banner: AK Entertainment

The film’s promos were quite good, the first look poster and teaser did raise the expectations of the trade and the audience as well. The promos made it very clear that this is going to be an out and out comedy film. Let us see if the film itself is in keeping with the hype and expectations that it generated before its release.

Kittu (Raj Tarun) works as a mechanic. To earn some money on the side he gets into a strange business – that of kidnapping dogs of the rich and famous and then demanding a ransom to return them. He sees Janaki (Anu Emanuelle) and falls in love with her at first sight. He begins to follow her and desperately trying to earn her affections. In the meanwhile a criminal by name AR (Arbaz Khan) is trying to steal a box. Realising that it takes an expert to steal the box he recruits Kittu to do the job for him. Kittu agrees and a price is fixed and Kittu gets on the job. He successfully steals the box but in the process gets into trouble with the police. Hearing that the police are after Kittu, the criminal sends his own henchmen to murder him to prevent him from telling the police whom he sold the box to. Now the hero has the police and the criminal’s men chasing him. Janaki also gets kidnapped by AR. The hero then vows to rescue his lady love. How he goes about that; what the box contains; how he succeeds in keeping out of the clutches of the law; why AR kidnaps Janaki form the rest of the story.

The first half is entirely about what the hero does – kidnapping dogs and asking for a ransom; how he sees and falls in love with the heroine and thereafter how hard he tries to woo her. The second half is all about the conflict between the hero and the villain. The last half hour has excellent comedy. Prudhvi puts his best forward in providing us with rib tickling comedy. The film is entirely as it is said to be – a romantic entertainer. It is indeed strange to see a hero kidnapping dogs for a living but the way in which it has been shown is really very comic. The second half is quite fast paced and interesting.

Performance of the Stars:
Raj Tarun performs the role of a dog kidnapper to the hilt. His comedy timing is excellent. Prudhvi proves what a master he is at comedy roles. He takes the honours in the last half hour of the film. Anu Emanuelle looks glamorous and acts very well. Arbaz Khan as the bad guy is really impressive though his lip-movement was clearly out of sync with the dialogues. Nagababu was impressive in his role. All others did justice to their respective roles. The story itself is not very novel but the presentation is impressive.

Technical Performance:
Cinematography provided by Rajasekhar is impressive. However, music by Anup Rubens is nothing to write home about except the background score. The editor has done his job well. One cannot complain about production values and the art work. The director has chosen an old story and put it in a different way. He does show his talent in several places during the film though. There are some scenes which are a little drag on the proceedings. The first half ought to have been as fast paced as the second.

The final Word:
On the whole Kittu Unnadu Jagaratha was an entertaining film.

Kittu Unnadu Jagratha rated: 2.75 / 5