Kungfu Yoga – Review Rating Analysis

kungfu yoga movie review rating

Movie: Kungfu Yoga
Director: Stanley Tong
Producer: Baribie Tung
Banner: Taihe Entertainment, Shinework Pictures
Music: Nathan Wang, Komail Shivang
Cast: Jackie Chan, Aarif Rahman, Zhang Yixing, Sonu Sood, Miya Muqi, Disha Patani, Amyra Dastur


The first impression that you get when you see any Jackie Chan film is that the actor is enjoying himself whether the audiences enjoy it or not. The actor certainly must have enjoyed himself doing this cross between exaggerated Chinese action films and Bollywood song-and-dance routine. Another feature of his films is that some kind of mayhem is a must. Well there is enough mindless mayhem in “Kungfu Yoga”. The whole movie is one riotous party from start to finish.

Story: Jack (Jackie Chan) is a Chinese archaeologist. Ashmita (Disha Patani) is an Indian Professor who approaches him to seek his help in locating the hidden treasure of her ancestors who ruled Magadha, which she could inherit and shows him a map. Jack takes up the challenge and reaches India to start hunting for the treasure. The hunt takes him and the audience on a wild-goose chase from India to Dubai, Tibet, Rajasthan and China. In between Jack has time to shake a leg in typical Bollywod style and of course his trade mark kungfu fights.

Analysis: The unit probably wanted to make a mystery film but ended up imbuing it with more mayhem than mystery. They failed in using the Chinese and English languages appropriately creating situations that bordered on the ridiculous. One wonders why the film begins with a battle between Indian and Chinese armies. Adding Bollywood style dances seems to have been done with an eye on the cash register. Jackie Chan did shake his legs well though. The movie which could have been a serious attempt at comedy-mystery only borders on the ludicrous. But one has to admit that the fun element that permeates every film of Jackie Chan does make its presence here too – provided you are a die-hard Jackie Chan fan. The director failed in understanding the simple logic that a story dealing with treasures of the Magadha Empire ought to be shot in and around where that empire actually was located. And by the way don’t even look for the “Yoga”.

Performance of the Stars: Jackie did sincerely try to be his energetic best. The female star cast were mere appendages. Sonu Sood makes the most of the opportunity given to him.

Technical Performance: The action sequences were certainly better than what we find in average Indian films. Camera work was nothing much to write home about. The sets were only supposed to be grandiose and not authentic.

The Last Word: “Kungfu Yoga” – more mayhem than mystery.You can watch for Jackie Chan

Rating: 2.5 / 5.0