Mahesh Babu’s SPYDER Teaser Released

The much awaited teaser of Mahesh Babu’s latest venture “Spyder” finally hit the social media. The teaser has not belied the expectations of the trade, industry or audiences. If anything the hype got bigger. Mahesh Babu has a blockbuster on hand.

Without revealing the story the teaser depicts the conflict between the hero and the villain using voice-overs very effectively. The teaser shows shots of a busy city and then the construction site of what could be a section of a metro rail project. There seems to have been a ghastly accident in which many people are killed. The hero is shown arriving at the site and then he confronts the hero in a prison. The hero’s dialogues to the villain are really thrilling and raise hopes of a well depicted conflict between him and the villain. The hero looks very stylish right through the short teaser. There is a brief glimpse of the heroine which shows her as a very bubbly young girl madly in love with the hero. The teaser definitely raises the expectations all around. It is currently going viral on the internet.