Mahesh Babu Wins Net-Poll Hands Down For Lord Krishna Role

Mahesh Babu Wins Net-Poll Hands Down For Lord Krishna Role

When Mohanlal recently announced the making of “Mahabharath”, on a scale unprecedented in the history of Indian cinema, the star cast of the film became the hottest question. Who is to do the role of Lord Krishna went to the polls with stunning results.

The Mahabharath has myriad characters, each important in its own way. No single character can be ignored. With such a subject on hand the makers were bound to be faced with the tough question – who is to play which role? It is already decided that Complete Actor Mohanlal is going to essay the role of Bheem in the film. Now everybody’s attention has turned towards the choice of actor to play Lord Krishna. The director of the film VA Shrikumar recently broached this subject saying that he had a mind to cast either the Bollywood Hunk Hrithik Roshan or Tollywood Prince Mahesh Babu in this charismatic all important character.

That cue was enough for the International Business Times, India to conduct an on-line poll to get the people’s opinion in the matter. The results were stunning to say the least. The pollsters added the names of Shahid Kapoor and Sushant Singh Rajput to the names of Mahesh Babu and Hrithik Roshan and gave the netizens a choice of four names.
Check out the votes polled:
Prince Mahesh Babu – 58%
Hrithik Roshan – 36%
Sushanth Singh Rajput – 4%
Shahid Kapoor – 2%

Mahesh Babu wins hands down. Need we say more?!