Mass Maharaja Fans Troll Rumour Mongers

Mass Maharaja Fans Troll Rumour Mongers

The fans of the Mass Maharaja recently took to the social media and went all out to troll some rumour mongers who were spreading rumours about their idol. Their trolls hit the social media quite hard and have everybody stunned.

There were rumours during the rounds among the denizens of the social media that the Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja has decided to quit films after completing the current projects on hand. He is rumored to be considering starting some business and settling down. Another rumour said that he is planning to take to direction and stop acting. This upset his fans who started asking for clarifications on the veracity of the rumours.

However, his close friends and associates only trashed all these rumours saying that the man is as energetic as he always is. They confirmed that he will be doing at least two films a year from now on. That was welcomed with great relief by his fans who once again started trolling all the rumour mongers with their most vitriolic comments.