‘MCA – Middle Class Abbayi’ Stuns The Box Office With Opening Collections

Natural Star Nani’s latest outing “MCA – Middle Class Abbayi” hit the big screens yesterday (21st Dec 2017) and has stunned the trade with its incredible opening collections. It has given the hero his career’s highest ever openings. Even before the film was released it was widely expected that the film will do well at the box office and offer the trade a very good opening day collections.

However, nobody even remotely imagined the extent to which the film will draw audiences on the first day. Trade estimates say that the film has collected a share of Rs.7.57 Crores in the two Telugu states alone on the first day. These collections are an astounding 60% more than the hero’s market value as estimated by the trade. They made everybody wonder, if the film was really Nani’s or that of some other top rung hero. This apart the film’s opening collections put it at 9th place on the list of top openings during the year 2017. It stands just behind Balayya’s “Paisa Vasool” which collected Rs.7.86 Crores on its opening day. The most stunning aspect of it all is that “MCA – Middle Class Abbayi” created such a storm with its opening collections on a working day (Thursday). Trade estimates that the film’s first few days will continue to create a storm at the box office as this is a Christmas festival weekend.

Trade pundits say that the reason for such a stupendous success lies in the manner in which the film connected excellently with the middle class masses. Starting with the title “MCA – Middle Class Abbayi” and the first look posters and teasers, every single aspect went a long way in making that connect possible. Check out the area-wise first day collections.

first day collections area-wise in AP & TS (Shares): (Rs in Crores)
Nizam: 3.10
Vizag: 0.94
East Godavari: 0.57
West Godavari: 0.45
Krishna: 0.47
Guntur: 0.69
Nellore: 0.25
Ceded: 1.10
Total AP + Nizam = Rs.7.57 Crores (Shares)