“Mister” Review And Rating

mister movie telugu review rating

Film: “Mister”
Star Cast: Varun Teja, Lavanya Tripathi, Heba Patel, Nasser, Murali Sharma, Tanikella Bharani, Chandra Mohan, Raghu Babu, Anand, Prudhvi, Srinivas Reddy and others.
Director: Sreenu Vaitlaa
Cinematography: KV Guhan
Music: Mickey J Meyers
Dialogues: Sridhar S
Produced By: Nallamalapu Srinivas (Bujji) and Tagore Madhu
Banner: Lakshmi Narasimha Productions
Released On: 14th April 2017

Sreenu Vaitla has his own brand of comedy and action films. In the past he has succeeded in keeping the audiences in splits with this type of comedy. But off late the director has hit a bad patch. “Mister” is his attempt at coming back into the limelight. The film industry has been waiting for this film with a lot of expectations. Let us see if the film matches their expectations.

The Story:
Chai (Varun Tej) is the son of a very rich Indian business magnate based in Spain. One day he goes to the airport to receive a girl coming from India on some work. Through a peculiar case of mistaken identity he receives Meera (Heba Patel), the wrong girl. Having received her he spends a few days with her and during that time he falls in love with her. But she is in love with Sidharth (Prince) who lives in India.

Once she completes her work in Spain Meera returns to India and from here calls up to Chai only to tell him that there are some problems she is facing with her love affair. Chai immediately leaves for India to help her solve whatever problems she faces. That is when he meets Chandramukhi (Lavanya Tripathi). How Chai tackles Meera’s issues; how Chandramukhi enters his life; whom he finally settles down with forms the story of the film.

The biggest drawback of the film is that there is absolutely no novelty either in the story or the narration. The story is full of plots and sub-plots each with its own twists and turns, and many new characters constantly entering the scene. The film starts with the conflict between Pichayya Naidu (Nasser) and his opponents Gundappa (Tanikella Bharani) and Rahul (Nitin Dheer) but quickly moves to Spain.

There it deals with the subplots on Chai and then Meera. Thereafter starts the sub-plot involving Chandramukhi. We find nothing novel in any of the subplots. That brings us to the end of the first half. The second half too begins on a predictable note leaving the audience with the feeling of having seen this film a thousand times before. Despite having one hero and two heroines the film fails in bringing the romance to the fore. With the entire proceeding being dull, routine and predictable even the climax fails to impress.

The director created a very long story which proved to be a minus point for the whole film. Several scenes are actually a prolonged drag on the proceedings. His mark of comedy also fails to tickle the audiences. With the story having nothing new to offer the actors try their best in infusing some emotion but their attempts fall flat. Despite the myriad subplots the audience does not find anything interesting.

Performance of the stars:
As there is no novelty in the story or the scenes, the best attempts of the hero Varun Tej fail to impress. However, he does make the point that he has matured as an actor and is capable of handling emotional scenes with aplomb. The two heroines Lavanya Tripathi and Heba Patel merely appeared adequate in their roles but did not stand out. With too many characters strewn all along the story and narration the director found it difficult to highlight any of them. There is therefore little to write about these other characters.

Technical Performance:
Guhan’s cinematography and Mickey’s music are the saving grace of the film. The makers did not spare any expense or effort in providing appropriate production values. Editing ought to have been a little sharper. Sridhar’s dialogues are only good in parts. The director has stuck to his own brand of comedy. The story is full of confusion and chaos as is his wont but failed to connect with the audiences. If his intention was to create romantic comedy he has certainly failed in his attempt.

The Last Word:
“Mister” is a failed attempt at romantic comedy
“Mister” is rated 2/5