Mega Flops Leave Producers With Mega Losses


When a film flops it leaves the producers with very heavy losses. Unlike in other businesses where immovable assets and movable assets can be sold to recover losses to an extent, in the film industry there is nothing except a box of exposed films.

Producer Nallamalapu Bujji is in deep trouble now. He is produced two films with two scions of the mega family. Both the films proved to be disasters at the box office. The producer made the strategic mistake of making two movies with the lesser known members of the Mega family. “Winner” starred Sai Dharam Teja and “Mister” starred Varun Tej. These two do not enjoy the kind of mass popularity that either Chiranjeevi, Allu Arjun, Pawan Kalyan or Ram Charan enjoy among the audiences.

Moreover, it is said that his investment was not in keeping with the revenue potential that these heroes can fetch. He now stands accused of over-investing in the films. His partner Tagore Madhu also stands to lose a bit but he is also a partner in the film “Spyder” starring Mahesh Babu. That investment may compensate Tagore Madhu’s losses to an extent. But Nallamalapu Bujji is certainly in deep waters now.