Mokshagna Stuns Everybody – NTR Is Not My Brother

The cold war between Natarudra NTR and his uncle Balakrishna is quite well known. For quite some time Balayya and NTR were not seen in the same frame by pressmen. Now Balayya’s son Mokshagna made some sensational comments about NTR.

NTR always refrained from making any untoward remarks about his uncle or about anybody in the Nandamuri family. He steadily maintained a no-problems-between-us posture. With Mokshagna set to make his debut next year the press thought it fit to ask him about his relationship with NTR. The reply that the lad gave stunned everybody. He said that NTR was not just a brother to him. He was more like a Guru to him. He revealed that he liked his elder brother Tarak very much and that he knew he could learn quite a lot from him. To him his father Balakrishna was like a God and his elder brother Tarak was like a Guru. He claimed that after his father’s films the most films he saw were those of NTR. For his part NTR too speaks well of his younger brother Mokshagna. Besides, teaching him the nuances of acting he even advises him on how to manage his career.

It is nice to see that whatever differences are there between the elders in the family, they have not spoilt the relationship among the younger generation children.