Nag Says I Am Not Out Of My Mind

The moment it was announced that Akkineni Nagarjuna is to do a film under the direction of RGV, there were all sorts of negative comments on the development. Some questioned Nagarjuna’s sanity too. The hero has reacted rather caustically.

The film was formally launched today (Monday 20th November 2017) in the Annapoorna Studios, Hyderabad, with the unit breaking the traditional coconut. Speaking on the occasion, the hero said that he is not really out of his mind in doing a film with RGV. He revealed that ever since he heard the story and the script he has been very excited and eager to start shooting and play his role in it. He said that if the same excitement presents itself to an actor everyday it would be really great. He added that when he and RGV did “Shiva” together they did not think of success at the box office. But the film went on to become just that and a trend setter too. Even now neither of them is thinking of making a box office hit. They are just doing the film with the confidence in each other. He revealed that his father told him that at the age of 28 an actor would become a complete actor. That is what happened to him when he did “Shiva” at the age of 28. Now once again he has teamed up with RGV after 28 years and hopes that he would become a complete actor once again.

Pointing out that RGV has done several mafia and police films but this one is going to be completely different. The conflict in the main character of the film is simply wonderful. Some of the scenes that RGV narrated were simply mind blowing added the hero. That is why he did not think twice in agreeing to do the film. He also revealed that RGV had promised to once again raise the bar in standards of technical expertise in film making. He said that just as we created a benchmark with “Shiva” they would do the same with this latest venture too.