Nagababu gets excited on Roja’s Entry.. Roja Advices To Join Mental Hospital

Nagababu gets excited on Roja's Entry.. Roja Advices To Join Mental Hospital

The public are getting addicted to the Comedy Shows with various TV channels making them hilarious and having comedy in them. Common Audience is also getting entertained with the comedy shows telecasting on various TV Channels. Especially, the comedy show ‘Jabardasth’ is been given the top priority by Telugu audience. The TRP ratings of this show has gone extremely top. The comedy show is getting massive response and the number of viewers are also increasing day by day. But the performers, anchors and even judges are making the comedy content cross the line. Now-a-days most of the show is filled with adult comedy whereas the comments given by Judges place them in controversy.

Recently, Racha Ravi performed a skit where one of his participant played the character of Roja herself. Nagababu on the other hand could not control his laugh with Roja’s imitation by the participant. Check out the video for yourself…